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What is SurfSocial?

SurfSocial is a secure Wi-Fi service that allows your business to offer free internet access to your customers and prospects without the need to enter in a password.

This service captures customer information such as emails, usage, demographics and even helps increase your business’s overall social engagement as well as followers; making it easier to market to your new & existing customers.

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Dashboard Insights

Easily View & Manage Customer Data


When a customer or nearby prospect joins your Wi-Fi their information is automatically synced into your dashboard account. You can easily view their info such as: demographics, guest usage and marketing. Within demographics, you can tell if your customers are female/male, using Android/Apple, their age and location. Within guest usage, you can view the slowest/busiest times of the day/week, avg duration connection, frequency, total connections/visits, repeat connections, top users, recent users, and much more. Within social media tracking, you can track which social media platform was used to sign up, their full name, email, username and birthday. Within email marketing, you can email these customers based on if they had a recent connection, if they have not had a recent connection, after a certain amount of visits, a birthday email and schedule emails based on user activity.

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Automated Email Marketing

Become Your Own Marketing Manager


Create emails that promote events, specials and limited time offers. With our smart drip email feature, you are able to engage with customers and prospects based on their behavior. Seamlessly integrate your email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and Fishbowl into your dashboard. You can also create customized one-off emails to target groups of people based on age, gender, etc. for special events your business is hosting. Use your business’s analytics to advance your marketing by sending relevant messages to your customers. Email marketing includes: content marketing, customer surveys, mobile vouchers, birthday messages, promotions, newsletters, holiday specials, limited time offers and much more.

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Rewards Programs

Smart Rewards Programs = Happy Customers


Discover how to best reward your customers. The best way to keep customers and gain new ones is by offering specials they may be interested in. Award your newer customers and prospects through automated marketing and encourage them to come in more often by sending them emails with: coupons, referral program and special offers.See which offers are receiving the most attention and which offers may not be working out so well.



Social Media

More Likes. More Follows. More Visibility.


Once a guest connects to the Wi-Fi platform, they can get routed straight to like your business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google+, boosting your social presence by gaining more likes and more followers. Your brand’s message will be amplified across many different social feeds, giving you the opportunity to increase your social presence even more by informing existing and prospective new customers about related promotions, offers and events. Make posts to keep your followers engaged and keep them coming back. With SurfSocial, guests are 93% more likely to like/follow your page, check-in at your business, post photos at your location and tag friends, ultimately increasing your brand’s visibility.

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Ease your lead nurturing process by letting SurfSocial build your customer list for you. Guests can access the free Wi-Fi network after entering their email address or by logging in using their social media account. Gather information from customers, manage social media profiles, record customers’ opt-in permissions, turn the data into targeted lists and integrate with email marketing platforms. The result of capturing customer and potential customer data upon each login is a marketing list that simply cannot be purchased. It includes your real customers and prospects within reach.

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Create Guest Loyalty

Improve Satisfaction & Customer Retention


Customers are slowly getting accustomed to free Wi-Fi access and those who have access to free Wi-Fi will spend more time at your business. You can take advantage of this opportunity by offering them specials that other customers do not receive. Easily create automated campaigns to keep in touch with loyal customers, grab their attention and build a higher loyalty. When a customer or prospect first connects to your Wi-Fi, SurfSocial automatically sends an instant offer email with a discount or offer. All of this ultimately increases customer satisfaction and retention.

SurfSocial powered by touchsuite plans and industries

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