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Brains and Beauty

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The Brains

• Bidirectional QuickBooks® Integration
• Multi-Store Support
• App Available for Android-Based Devices
• Drag-and-Drop Item Management Platform
• PCI PTS, PCI-DSS & EMV Compliant
• Superior Credit Card End-to-End Encryption
• Cutting Edge Technology Built on Google’s Advanced Frame
• Detailed Transaction and Ample Sales Reports
• Complete Sales Tax Support
• Allows Multi-Tender / Split Payments
• Supports Voids and Refunds
• Quick, 2-Click Transaction Process
• In-App Support
• Monitor Customer Information and Track Purchase Behavior
• Consolidates Multiple Needs into One Solution

The Beauty

• 7” Touchscreen Merchant Display
• 4.3” Customer-Facing Display
• Hybrid EMV/MSR Reader Slot
• NFC Antenna throughout Device
• Long-Lasting, 8-Hour Battery Life
• Integrated Thermal Receipt Printer
• Dedicated Secured Processor
• Camera & Barcode Scanner
• Connects via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G and 4G Networks

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