Save time and increase your cash flow with Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing – The all-in-one solution


Set up recurring billing in under a minute & start accepting recurring payments today!

ReCharge is an easy-to-use, no-cost solution that allows you to accept payments from your customers’ recurring charges. No more of those late fees and call-backs for overdue payments.

With recurring billing, effortlessly set up the auto-pay feature, which allows you to create an invoice and process transactions whenever you want.

Within the invoices section, easily view outstanding balances, disputes, history, and paid invoices by customer.

ReCharge is a safe and secure way to setup recurring payments, built with 256 encryption, ensuring safe keeping.

It is supported by cash, check or credit.


Benefits Include:

  • Integration with QuickBooks online

  • Increased on-time collections

  • Flexible billing options

  • Invoice customers in a secure platform

  • Manage invoicing

  • Receive payments safely

  • Auto-bill subscribers


For a sales and support perspective, check out our chat feature: the future of communication.

Our chat is built into the system allowing for quick, personal engagement with customers on a daily basis.

This feature allows you to:

  • Retain customers

  • Chat in real-time

  • Get feedback

  • Answer questions


ReCharge Demo: