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Why work at TouchSuite?

During a job interview, you may be caught off-guard if you’re asked, “Why do you want to work here?” After all, you’ve taken the time to apply and come in for an interview—isn’t your interest obvious? But it’s highly likely you’re going to come across this question at some point in your interview. Interviewers like to ask this question to see if you’ve done your homework—so if you’re currently interviewing at TouchSuite, this blog will give you the answer.

Know what TouchSuite is all about first

Understanding the company's history, mission and vision will help you talk about how your education, skills and experience can add value in meeting the company's goals. These tips can help you put together an answer that will make you stand out.

At TouchSuite, our purpose is to allow businesses to reach their maximum potential. Being one of the industry leaders in payment solutions and in building products that are safe and easy to use, we strive to create technology that is accessible to every business owner regardless of size of the operation they’re running. We are an innovative organization that creates extraordinary value and opportunities for our customers, partners and employees. You can read more about TouchSuite’s core values and purpose here:

Show that you’ve done your research

Ideally, you researched the company even before you applied, or at least before the interview, and now is the time to call upon what you learned. By reviewing the company’s website and social media accounts and reading news articles about the firm, you’ll be able to draw conclusions about the value you can bring to the position, whether it’s because the company’s mission matches yours, its culture is a good fit or you have a skill that the company needs.

TouchSuite always provides as much transparency as possible to the industry, affiliates and everyone associated with the business: agents, partners and employees. With regular meetings amongst departments, bimonthly company-wide meetings and daily executive huddles, TouchSuite is always looking for ways to keep an open and honest communication. Our team-focused attitude helps drive TouchSuite to be a constant top producer in the processing sector and has earned many prestigious rewards along the way. Check out some of TouchSuite’s involvements and accomplishments through the years:

Keep the focus on the employer

You may think this question is all about you, but like other questions in your job interview, it’s still really about what you can do for the employer. Most candidates fall into answers related to culture or a lifelong dream to do this work. Drill down on a key skill or deliverable that the employer needs and that you love to do. Tell the employer what your traits are and what can be brought to the table.

Forward-thinking individuals is what TouchSuite is all about. After all, we are a team that has each other’s backs. Check out some of our team members on our website:

The bottom line

At TouchSuite, we believe that cultivating a strong, positive culture that is firmly grounded is essential to the success of the business and employees. We believe in providing a healthy, prosperous and professionally-enhancing opportunity to those who are wanting to help us reach our goals as a business. Plus, we believe in providing an equal opportunity to work with people you like and respect.

This is “you want to work at TouchSuite.”

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