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Why Firefly Salon is Perfect for Your Business

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We are no longer offering Firefly POS.

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Firefly Salon is designed to fit your business’ needs, whether you are a booth renter or a salon owner. Firefly Salon- the latest in salon point of sale technology and runs on an Android™ operating system, making it quick, reliable and innovative, fitting all of your business' needs. Features include online booking, appointment setting, inventory tracking, reporting and much more. There’s no need to be writing out your appointments by hand, our point of sale system does it all for you. Below is a short video that goes over the main highlights of a Firefly Salon point of sale system.




Booking Made Simple: easy color-coded appointments for stylists to eliminate any confusion, print and text dailies, stylist-specific booking for customers, double-booking, standing appointments, easy rescheduling, waitlist management and view week by week at a glance.

Taking Care of Your Clients: simple ticket manager, color touch menu, pricing on-the-fly, walk-in cash out, discounts refunds and returns, open ticket management, custom receipt messages, credit and debit processing and robust marketing features.

Reporting, So Much Reporting: daily transactions, sales by product, appointment by staff, staff schedules, staff payout, time clock, client retention, product list, staff audit and ticket line systems.

Experience True Mobility with our Mobile App: Android-based application allows business owners and their staff to manage primary operations and execute customer’s transactions from anywhere. Accept payments, view and book appointments, add, view or modify customer information, upload pictures to social media and register component.

All of these features make your life as a salon owner incredibly easy. No more making appointments in book, counting inventory by hand or accidentally overbooking appointments. With TouchSuite’s Firefly Salon, we want to help make your lives easier. Build and maintain relationships with your customers by spending more time with them on the floor. Visit for additional information.

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