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Welcome to Our World: A Look Inside TouchSuite

TouchSuite has swiftly grown into a financial technology company throughout the past 11 years. In 2004, TouchSuite was founded as a merchant processing company and has grown with the changes in innovation throughout the last decade. Catering to small businesses, TouchSuite is constantly introducing new products and services to merchants, at an affordable price in the hopes of creating an efficient business by easing the process of managing sales, employees and profits.

The TouchSuite team believes strongly in creating a fun and positive work environment to increase production. Over the past year, TouchSuite completely gutted two of our departments to create an artistic, influential workplace for the developers and marketing team. Redesigning these two rooms was a fun experience from everyone that allowed us to involve many of our employees and create an environment that soothes the mind. Being in a positive, open work environment allows people to feel comfortable which helps to create productivity, boost communication and allows for the team members to become closer to one another, ultimately creating a team spirit.

Each department often participates in team building exercises in order to become closer and help better decision making as a team. The development team took a trip to see the new Star Wars movie together while the marketing team took the time to paint a beautiful mural for their new room. The support staff has their annual pot luck where each member brings a dish from their native country and they all get together to learn about each other’s cultures over some delicious food. A handful of employees throughout the office even get together to play some basketball with each other on the weekends.

Aside from the individual department team building exercises, TouchSuite often hosts many events for the company as a whole. With agents all throughout the United States, we love when we are able to have the entire team together which is why we invite them to come to our headquarters a few times throughout the year. We host tri annual agent trainings for our outside sales agents to come and learn about all of our products and services, get to see the headquarters offices and put a face to all the people who have been helping them along the way. We are very excited about our next Tri-Annual Agent Training coming this October! From monthly birthday celebrations to movie nights to our annual Turkey bowl on Thanksgiving Day, you could say we like to keep it interesting. #TeamTouchSuite


Here's a few pictures from our latest redesigns:


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