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TouchSuite Payroll Powered by Optima

TouchSuite continues to provide products and services that your prospective clients find useful and valuable. One of the most time consuming and expensive endeavors a merchant engages in is figuring out their employee payroll. If your client isn’t using a payroll service it means they are sitting at the office, store or restaurant for hours each pay period, figuring out who gets paid what. Then they have to make sure they are paying payroll taxes correctly and on-time. If they are using a service, there’s a good chance they are over paying.

That’s where TouchSuite Payroll powered by Optima comes in. Through superior technology solutions, TouchSuite Payroll offers competitively priced alternatives for small-to-medium sized business owners who are looking to not only spend less on payroll and benefits management for themselves and their employees, but for greater personal service, customized solutions, trust and responsiveness to questions and concerns.

TouchSuite’s Payroll program focuses on three things:

  • Cost:  Our services will cost less than your merchant’s current payroll program or they’ll get a $500.00 gift card.
  • Customer Service: Our payroll partner delivers the most robust, integrated, customized, and cost-effective business solutions that will address the needs and demands of payroll, human resource compliance, benefits administration, as well as time and attendance solutions to businesses across the United States.
  • Customizable: Whether your prospective client has three employees or thirty-three employees, TouchSuite’s payroll services can scale up or down to fit their needs. As a merchant’s business begins to thrive and grow, their new payroll service partner will grow with them.
But here’s the great news! You don’t have to become a payroll expert. We’re going to do virtually all the work for you and pay you for your payroll referrals.

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