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TouchSuite Announces Ira Bornstein as Chief Operating Officer

With more than 25 years of industry experience under his belt, Ira Bornstein has reunited with the fast-growing team at TouchSuite, one of the country’s leading U.S. technology companies. In his position as Chief Operating Officer, Ira will once more play an integral role in the company’s enhancement of operational workflows, risk mitigation, new product development and improving overall profitability, a role previously held from 2008-2012.

Prior to rejoining TouchSuite, Ira was focused on business process engineering and optimization with a highlight on the FinTech sector, mortgage lending, technology integration, commercial financing and the payment space. Holding officer level roles with Morgan Stanley, Countrywide Home Loans and most recently as Director of Business Operations at TransUnion’s Specialized Risk Division in Boca Raton, Florida, Ira created solutions to satisfy customer needs in retail and wholesale environments with leading companies in both corporate America and in the SMB sector.

“We are delighted to have Ira back as a part of our TouchSuite team; having worked with him in the past I knew Ira is adept at continuing to form and execute strategies to drive growth across the organization,” said Sam Zietz, CEO and founder of TouchSuite. “Having company-wide infrastructure experience to support the development of the organization, while maintaining focus upon efficiency, quality and client satisfaction—Ira’s unquestionably the best fit for the position.”

At TouchSuite, Ira played an essential role in the company’s product development of its original salon-industry point-of-sale system and with online payment gateways for schools and charities. He was vital in coordinating TouchSuite’s business structure during America’s recession to position for maximum sales effectiveness, strategic M&A activity and portfolio acquisitions. “I’m privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside Sam and the TouchSuite family once again,” said Bornstein. “TouchSuite is a remarkable company that is positioned for corporate growth through each of its multi-layered business model and am delighted to be a part of it once again.”

Bornstein is a graduate of Bentley College with a Bachelor’s in Finance and holds an MBA in Management from the University of Miami.

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