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The Importance of Attending Agent Trainings

As new technology continues to emerge, the importance of becoming a true expert in the industry is more critical than ever. At TouchSuite, independent agents are much more than just sales reps; we consider our agents to be business consultants and we provide as many resources to them as possible. We believe that our agents must not only evolve with technological advancements but we also believe that a well-trained agent will be successful out in the field if provided with the right tools; which is why we highly believe in providing regular agent trainings.

Educated and knowledgeable agents are key to a successful business and we encourage each individual to not neglect their personal development. At TouchSuite, our customers are not only our assets but so are our employees and outside sales force. Regular one-on-one training sessions, weekly seminars and tri-annual corporate seminars are very important to the executive team at TouchSuite. Our involved agents can see an:

  • Increase in overall job satisfaction & morale
  • Increase in confidence in products & services
  • Increase in motivation due to all the knowledge gained
  • Increase in process efficiencies
  • Increase in sales!

At TouchSuite, we strive to ensure that agents and new hires have positive experiences in all areas of the business, particularly when it comes to training. If an agent is unclear about something being taught, Business Development Managers (BDMs) will take the time to explain it until it’s understood. Good managers recognize and know that it’s critical to have all the resources and information needed to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

We understand that without effective agent training, the quality of customer service suffers and so does the success of our agents. It is also imperative to note that training is an ongoing process, so one training simply won’t do it. It’s important to keep information fresh and know updates on products, services, technology, staff and processes.

The good news? TouchSuite is hosting a tri-annual training at their corporate headquarters on October 3rd – 5th, 2016. If an agent can’t make it, that’s ok, there will be other in the future. One-on-one training sessions can be requested by emailing Click on the following link more information about our agent training and to register:

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