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Spring to Win TouchSuite's "Spring into Summer" Agent Contest

Every couple of months, TouchSuite likes to hold a contest for our outside agents. With summer right around the corner, the theme of this contest is “Spring into Summer” where agents are encouraged to sell “side by side” in order for a better chance to win! What is sell side by side? A Merchant ID is equivalent to 2 points, a TownTarget deal is equivalent to 2 points and if you sell both, you receive 4 points, increasing your chances of winning!

How Do You Win?

There are two ways to win this contest. The first winner is based on whichever agent has earned the most points and the second winner is selected at random. For every one point, one raffle entry is submitted in your name; so the more points you submit, the better chances you have of winning!

What Do You Win?

8” Samsung Tablet!

Quick Sales Tips to Help You Win:

TownTarget: 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Make sure you point out these important benefits of TownTarget:

  • Captures more customers and increases reach frequency and impressions.
  • Significantly increases marketing presence without increasing cost.
  • We do all the work, including managing account changes.
  • TownTarget brings a merchant’s online presence together in one place that is easily accessible on web, mobile, and GPS-based devices which increases online visibility tremendously.
  • Our proprietary marketing program is not found anywhere online nor offline. Merchants receive a custom tailored program

Merchant ID: Know your merchant – This sounds obvious, but are you talking with the owner of the business? Are there other partners that need to be included on the application? Remember, if you are dealing with a Partnership and both owners own 50% of the business, you’ll need to collect information on each of them and both will need to sign the application.

Ask about their credit history or financial background - Many times we overlook this only to discover out that the owner has filed for bankruptcy or has significant outstanding tax liens. If you ask this question upfront you can collect the bankruptcy discharge notice or proof of the payment arrangements for the liens. By doing this, the Underwriting department has a clear picture of what is really happening with the business and can make an informed decision to approve the account.

Know their business – If they are a retail business it is usually pretty obvious but you might be surprised. The classic example is a bakery . They sell pastries and coffee and the average ticket is less than $10.00. Simple right? Not always. Many bakeries cater weddings or corporate events and have transactions up to $10,000.00 at a time. During the sales process ask questions about how owners really operate their business and, if you can, look at their current processing statements. If you see large transactions ask the business owner about them. How often do they occur? What’s the biggest transaction they’ve ever taken? Once you know how they operate their business you can ask for the appropriate supporting documentation like prior processing statements or financials.

Speaking of supporting documents – Underwriters love paperwork Here’s a list of five things every underwriter loves to see with an application

  • A voided check or bank letter
  • Prior processing statements
  • A business license
  • A driver’s license or other valid identification
  • Completed lease documents (if applicable)

Click here to see who is currently in first place of the contest!

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