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Meet the People Behind TouchSuite’s Success

Take a moment to read through TouchSuite’s core values:

They’re strong, concise and very meaningful because we know that everyone at TouchSuite helps empower entrepreneurs. Want proof? TouchSuite is hosting a Tri-Annual Agent Training from October 3rd through October 5th, where TouchSuite agents have the ability to tour the facilities and put faces to names.

TouchSuite agents can meet all of our customer service reps, our underwriters, our risk managers and of course our support team. Or perhaps agents want to meet our technology department or deployment team. Maybe put a face to the marketing department that helps them throughout their journey. At TouchSuite, all of these roles play an essential part in making TouchSuite who TouchSuite is today.

But, we are more than just people that sit behind computer screens; we are real people dedicated to the notion that our products, services and technology can deliver so much more than what a business owner can expect. We deliver true partnership and we are that group that that tracks your progress, the people that congratulate you on hitting your goals and occasionally we are the ones that send you personal notes on your milestones.

During the Tri-Annual Agent Training, our agents get to meet everyone behind those monitors: everyone who works hard into processing MIDs, getting them approved and setting up merchants to board quickly. Our agents have an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with teams such as “Agent Support” and know on a more personal level who they are and what they’re like. This adds a tremendous amount of value to agents and to people supporting them.

Cooperation is key in office setting or business endeavor. If you’re not working together, things simply don’t get done. So, what can you do to try and get to know your co-workers? Come to our Tri-Annual Agent Training and if you can’t make it this time around, join us next time!

Learn more about TouchSuite’s Training here: or read our core values by clicking here:

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