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Why You Should Get TouchSuite Certified

There are many things that an agent receives at the end of their training at our headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. These things include items such as a gift bag with TouchSuite t-shirts, folders with sell sheets, notepads and USBs to give our agents all the tools they need to succeed and sell. What matters the most however, is a TouchSuite certificate of completion that will be given at the end of the training on all of our merchant products and services. With so many merchant services and products being offered such as Lightning Register, SEO, EMV solutions and SurfSocial, it is important to become certified in your field of expertise in order to succeed.

By completing our agent training program and receiving a certificate, it shows that you have met the standards that have been established to properly represent TouchSuite and sell our products and services. It also shows that as a TouchSuite agent, you are dedicated to maintaining quality in your work and a sales representative of TouchSuite. Getting certified also speaks volumes about yourself as an agent, it shows that you are committed to your profession and that you want to continue to learn and grow. Once you have completed a training and received your certificate, it doesn't mean that it should be the last one you attend. TouchSuite is always evolving with the industry and technology to bring the newest and innovative solutions to merchants across the nation. It is important as a TouchSuite agent to make sure that whenever TouchSuite is offering a new product or service, that you, as a TouchSuite representative, know the product/service inside and out to properly sell it and help merchants nationwide thrive!

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