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Agent Takeover - We're Ready for You, Agents!

TouchSuite believes that knowledge is a powerful tool for agents that want to improve their sales, grow their businesses and increase their residual income. That’s why we offer as many products, services and programs as we do and why we make sure that our partners have access to as much training as they need.

TouchSuite is here for you, and that’s why we’ve created important values as a company that will help you grow as an agent. Some reasons why TouchSuite remains as a top runner in the merchant solutions industry include user-friendliness, customer care, continue to remain innovative, affordable pricing, robust reporting, safe keeping and quality hardware.

And that’s why TouchSuite is inviting our partners and Agents to visit our Boca Raton facility October 3rd, 4th and 5th for a three-day training course. We’ll spend time delving into each program, service and product we offer, making sure that you have a full understanding of their specific features, benefits, sales techniques and income potential.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with our agent support group, customer care specialists, technical support staff, marketing team, product develop team, business development managers and our executive staff.

Our October training will focus on Restaurant POS solutions, Poynt, Lightning Register, our full array of QuickBooks related programs, Payroll Services, SurfSocial and TownTarget as well as touching on Firefly, Cash Advances, and Leasing income.

You can get the all of the details and register for the training here. We look forward to seeing you.

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