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TouchSuite Blog

TouchSuite Donation to Palm Beach County Food Bank

TouchSuite was proud to participate in the Palm Beach County Food Bank's 2016 end-of-year food drive.


How TouchSuite Helps Prevent Theft, Fraud & Loss

Small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. Entrepreneurs put their passions and ideas into action and create new business ideas every single day. Many pour their life savings into opening that new restaurant or service..


Why You Should Be Using TouchSuite's Lightning Payments

TouchSuite offers a suite of products that go great with our Lightning Payments software. Below are some of our products and how Lightning Payments works so well with them.


Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Terminal to Poynt

The Poynt smart terminal is the next evolution in business technology. There's a ton of great reasons why a merchant should upgrade their terminal to Poynt smart terminal, but today we are going to discuss 5 of Poynt's best features.