Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, TouchSuite is one of country’s leading financial technology companies, earning the #105 place on Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” list of the fastest growing private companies in America.

Its award-winning, point-of-sale systems are fully integrated with payment processing services that cater to restaurants, salons, spas and retail establishments. The enterprise content management systems are designed to help small- and medium-size merchants increase revenue by digitally converging key business tools and solutions, such as payroll management, client database systems, document management, marketing programs, and inventory and accounting reports.
Through TouchSuite, small business owners have access to the highly-customized technologies of their field, as well as access, on a smaller scale, to the same capital markets as large multinational companies. TouchSuite’s infrastructure also provides merchants and agents with an unheard of, 24/7 support system and ensures a positive user experience. TouchSuite provides small businesses are given a solution to all of their business needs in one small, user-friendly system, allowing them to compete with companies of a much grander-scale without exhausting monetary resources and human capital.

It’s important for TouchSuite to provide innovative, scalable and affordable solutions for businesses seeking a true advantage when it comes to efficiently managing employees, sales and profits.


TouchSuite was founded as a merchant processing company in 2004 and in less than a decade, evolved rapidly into a financial technology company. By identifying needs of the small business owner in their specific market, TouchSuite has been successful in defining unique, integrated business lines with specific income and revenue opportunity for investors.
TouchSuite continues to grow by capitalizing upon the economic uncertainties that exist in the merchant and agent markets. Our focus on niche sectors has provided highly profitable revenue streams that should thrive regardless of economic conditions. Our ability to generate a diverse portfolio both geographically and by business type insulates us better than many in the industry.

Maintaining multiple products and services, including processing, specialty financing and technology systems, converged into one seamless, user-friendly system creates higher customer loyalty from both merchants and agents, and reduces attrition. Industry consolidation presents TouchSuite with an opportunity to acquire assets at a fraction of fair value.